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New frontiers for breast cancer surgery in Albania


Introduction. Cancers are becoming a priority for Albanian health care system. Breast Cancer (BC) is the first leading cause of malignant diseases among women and the second leading cause of malignant diseases in the general population of Albania.
The objective of the study was to provide an overview of latest breast cancer surgical techniques being provided to Albanian patients.
Materials and methods. Institute of Statistics data, and information from main national surveys in Albania were consulted to provide an overview of demographic transition and breast cancer epidemiology in Albania. Our experience in providing various type of surgical procedures to manage breast cancer cases, through the years, was described, focusing on novel techniques.
Results. Main reasons for increasing breast cancer incidence in Albania include demographic transition and lifestyle changes. There has been an evolution in breast surgery techniques offering to patients the ultimate technique at the Public Oncological Hospital, in the premises of University Hospital Center “Mother Theresa” in Tirana, with excellent results.
Conclusions. For a developing country we think that the use of ultimate type of breast cancer surgery: demolition and immediate reconstruction using prosthesis and biological mesh, represents new frontiers in breast surgical oncology and it is our aim to offer it properly to all patients, especially to young patients.
Keywords: Albania, breast cancer, surgery.

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Nina H, Xhepa G, Petrella G, Agnantis N, Hasa R, Mergo K, Elezaj G, Varvaras D. New frontiers for breast cancer surgery in Albania. Arch Balk Med Union. 2023;58(2):178-186.