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Platelet-rich autoplasma effect on intestinal anastomosis regeneration in rabbits



Introduction. Wound regeneration is an important process in surgical interventions. Failure of an intestinal anastomosis is an important intestinal surgery problem.

The objective of the study. To evaluate the effect of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and compare the effectiveness of various application methods in intestinal anastomosis regeneration in rabbits.

Methods. Platelet-rich auto-plasma was obtained from 81 rabbits, which was used to study two methods of applying PRP (injection into the muscle layer / soaking in the intestinal wall) in comparison with the control group, on the end-to-end small-intestinal anastomosis.

Results. The analysis of the histological and morphometric data showed that the regeneration between the samples of intestinal anastomosis treated with PRP soaking and injections into the intestinal wall is more favorable in comparison with the control group, which, in turn, was determined by the quantitative ratio of inflammatory infiltrate, fibroblast proliferation, neo-angiogenesis, and collagen deposition. PRP soaking in the intestinal wall significantly increased the number of adhesions battles. The analysis of the deformation and strength characteristics of the formed anastomoses also showed significantly high values ​​of the rupture strength of the anastomoses treated with PRP, in contrast with the control group.

Conclusion. PRP injection into the muscular layer of the intestinal wall significantly reduces the development of adhesions in comparison with the PRP-saturated group of intestinal anastomoses. Further research is needed to clarify the optimal method of PRP application, which will improve the regeneration of the intestinal anastomosis.

Keywords: intestinal anastomosis, platelet-rich plasma, PRP–therapy, wound healing, rabbit.

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Dzhumabekov BN, Dzhumabekov AT, Ismailov DK, Baitileuov TA, Fakhradiyev IR. Platelet-rich autoplasma effect on intestinal anastomosis regeneration in rabbits. Arch Balk Med Union. 2019;54(4):621-629.