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Scalp reconstruction with three rhomboid flaps after squamous cell carcinoma excision



Introduction. Scalp tumours raise multiple problems regarding the radical excision of the neoplasm followed by reconstructive surgery. Prolonged sun exposure and administration of immunosuppressive medication are the main risk factors for the onset of this neoplasm. The paper presents the advantages and disadvantages of scalp reconstruction using rhomboid flaps, after surgical excision of the skin cancer.

Case presentation. The paper presents the case of a 83-year-old patient admitted for the treatment of squamous cell carcinoma located on the scalp. The pathological history of the patient showed that there were multiple hospitalizations for the treatment of chronic heart failure and hypertension. The therapeutic protocol included excision of a squamous cell carcinoma located in the scalp, followed by immediate reconstruction with three rhomboid flaps advanced towards the midline. The local evolution of the patient was favorable, the flaps integrating without complications, obtaining in this context a very good result from an aesthetic point of view.

Conclusions. The use of the reconstructive technique involving the transposition of three rhomboid flaps to cover the soft tissue defects located in the scalp region is a feasible solution that offers very good aesthetic results.

Keywords: scalp tumour, rhomboid flap, squamous cell carcinoma, skin cancer.

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Bejinariu CG, Manescu R, Boghian LM, Gheorghiu – Branaru M, Popescu S, Marinescu SA. Scalp reconstruction with three rhomboid flaps after squamous cell carcinoma excision. Arch Balk Med Union. 2020;55(2):329-332.