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The dengue vaccine challenges


Dengue is estimated to be the most common mosquito-borne disease globally, affecting mainly tropical and subtropical countries. It has been identified as a disease of the future, due to persistent trends in urbanization of societies, scarce water resources and changes in the environment. The four dengue virus serotypes cause from the usual mild illness to a potentially fatal syndrome associated with increased vascular permeability. The unique antigenic and biological properties of the virus have made it difficult to develop vaccines. The authors have analysed “Dengvaxia”, the only licensed vaccine with partial efficacy (it protects most of the people, but makes others more susceptible to serious diseases) and complex performance. The impact of these results on the future of the dengue vaccines is discussed.
Keywords: dengue, antibody-mediated enhancement, vaccines.

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Komitova R, Vasilev P, Kevorkyan A, Rangelova V. The dengue vaccine challenges. Arch Balk Med Union. 2021;57(1):84-90.