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The hepatic evaluation and the lipid profile in Danube Delta patients


Background: The aim of this study was to analyse the benefits of fish diet in Danube Delta, Sulina’s population. Patients had a set of biochemical tests in the laboratory RoutineMed Sulina. The novelty of the research is analyzed geographic area. Danube Delta had no medical analysis laboratory until 2010, when was opened the RoutineMed Sulina lab.

Methods: Tests were performed on 200 patients for evaluation of the liver of these patients: AST, ALT, AST ALT, Total lipids, total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, LDL HDL, total cholesterol HDL, triglycerides. Both women and men were grouped into age ranges: 20-40 years, 40-60 years, < 60 years.

Results and discussions: The study included 200 patients, 97 male (48.5%) and 103 female (51.5%). The mean of total lipids indicates that both women and men results are within normal limits; mean of total cholesterol MM = 179.89 mg dL and for the group of female patients the mean total cholesterol – MF = 190.01 mg dL; HDL cholesterol in both groups of patients -MM = 49.54 mg dL; MF = 54.82 mg dL; LDL Cholesterol -MM = 110.81 mg dL; MF = 123.07 mg dL; triglycerides MM = 123.65 mg dL; MF = 100.40 mg dL; AST – MF = 24.33 IU L ;MM = 27.91 IU L ; ALT value – MF = 24.20 IU L;ALT – MM = 29.24 IU L;LDL cholesterol HDL-cholesterol has a normal value of 2.9 in women and 3.3 in men: MM = 2.27; MF = 2.29; Total cholesterol HDL cholesterol : MM = 3.70; MF = 3.55; Ritis ratio (RDR):MM = 1.00; MF = 1.09; Total cholesterol – triglycerides ratio :are correlated-moderate positive in male and correlation weak to moderate in female; Total cholesterol – total lipids ratio are correlated-moderate positive in male and correlation weak to moderate in female.

Conclusions: From this statistical analysis, fish and fish products really help us maintain the normal level of total lipids and the liver metabolism. The consequences of inadequate lipids level: increased risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease; favoring excess weight obesity. Abbreviations: AST-Aspartate Amino Transferase, ALT-alanine amino transferase, AST ALT-de Ritis ratio

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