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The relationship between anxiety, depression and sense of illness understanding in palliative cancer patients


Background: Patients with advanced illness often experience psycological distress. Depression and anxiety are common in palliative care. Material and methods: Palliative cancer patients were evaluated, regarding anxiety and depression using Hospital Anxiety And Depression Scale (HADS) and regarding illness understanding, using Item 4 of Needs Near the End of Life Screening Tool (NEST 13).

Results: Regarding anxiety: 40.91 % female and 25.71 % male are abnormal case. Regarding depression: 31.82 % female and 11.43 % male are abnormal case. Discussions: Anxiety is more frequent than depression, and females are more affected than males.

Conclusions: The association between somatic symptoms and depressed mood supports a holystic approach that integrates physical and psychological symptom control.

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Mihaela Popescu, MD
Clinical Hospital “Colentina”, Æoseaua Ætefan cel Mare 19-21, district 2, Bucharest, Romania

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