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Antisynthetase syndrome – the first clinical manifestation of interstitial lung disease


Introduction. Interstitial lung disease in collagen diseases often represents a diagnostic challenge, being the first manifestation or even the dominant manifestation of the underlying autoimmune disease.
Case presentation. We present the case of a young, non-smoking patient with a history of occupational exposure, who was diagnosed with bronchial asthma and treated with an inhaled corticosteroid/ long-acting beta2-agonist combination, without any improvement, in whom the main symptom was dyspnea at moderate to low efforts. During the etiological assessment, the diagnosis of interstitial lung disease with non-specific interstitial pneumonia pattern was established. The screening of collagen diseases detected increased titers of Anti-Pl-7 and Anti-Ro-52 antibodies, confirming the diagnosis of antisynthetase syndrome. Systemic corticotherapy was initiated, together with mycophenolate mofetil, with a favorable clinical and functional evolution, and stationary imaging aspect.
Conclusions. A subgroup of idiopathic inflammatory myopathies, the antisynthetase syndrome is a relatively new entity characterized by the presence of antibodies directed against aminoacyl-t-RNA synthetases (a family of enzymes with an essential role in protein synthesis).
Keywords: dyspnea, autoantibodies, interstitial lung disease, antisynthetase syndrome.

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Sandulache S, Ghimus C, Sandu MV. Antisynthetase syndrome – the first clinical manifestation of interstitial lung disease. Arch Balk Med Union. 2023;58(4):404-410.