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Balance disorders and diabetes mellitus – General considerations


The objective of this review is to summarize specialty literature data regarding the relation between balance disorders and diabetes mellitus, because balance disorders and vestibular dysfunctions are common complaints in ENT practice in Romania and these complaints seem to be more frequent in diabetic patients. We accessed electronic databases like PubMed, Scopus (Elsevier), Web of Science for research on this theme; clinical trials, specialty books and meta-analysis reports, pointing out plausible explanations for the association between balance disorders and diabetes mellitus. Because of decreased proprioception and vision, diabetic patients suffer more often from balance disorders than the rest of population and are at higher risk of falling. That seems to be the consequence of a combination between impaired proprioception, vision, and possible damage produced by long term hyperglycemia in the vestibular system according to some studies.
Key words: vestibular dysfunctions, balance, diabetes mellitus.

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