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Diagnostic features in chronic otomastoiditis in adults


Chronic otomastoiditis is an inflammatory disorder of the antromastoidian cell type system with an evolution over three months.
This pathological entity has a higher frequency in populations with a low socio-economic level and a poor medical system, but although it is becoming increasingly rare with the overall development of modern society, the nature of the injuries ranging from loco-regional events to functional manifestations with impaired hearing function and severity of complications, requires knowledge of major clinical, paraclinical diagnostic elements, and to proceed with the initiation of a proper treatment which prevents their installation.
The authors intend to look over the main anatomoclinical forms of the chronic otomastoiditis and to underline some essential clinical and paraclinical elements important in the diagnosis of this pathology, as well as highlighting the complications that shadow modern therapeutic developments that led to a decrease in the incidence of chronic mastoiditis.

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