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Different techniques in tip rhinoplasty



Background. Rhinoplasty is considered as one of the most challenging objectives in plastic surgery and tip rhinoplasty is arguably the greatest challenge for the surgeon performing rhinoplasty. No routine tip procedure is ever used and there are many ways to reconstruct and make nasal tips more attractive.

Objective. The aim of this study was to evaluate the different correction techniques, in order to improve the outcomes in tip rhinoplasty.

Methods. A prospective study was performed, including all patients with nasal tip deformities who underwent closed or open rhinoplasty between December 2015-August 2016 in Bombay Hospital, India. The patients were divided into two groups: group A – treated with various types of tip sutures (12 cases), and group B – treated with combined tip sutures and grafts (18 cases).

Results. The study included 30 patients, 24 (80%) females and 6 (20%) males. 12 (40%) were patients with bulbous tips, 7 (23%) were patients with droopy tips, 5 (17%) were patients with boxy (broad) tips, 3 (10%) were patients with wide tips, and 3 (10%) were patients with bifid tips. A total of 27 (90%) cases involved primary rhinoplasties, and 3 (10%) cases involved revision. Patient’s and doctor’s satisfactions were recorded by a score from 0 to 3, with 0 being the less satisfied by the result of surgery and 3 being the highest satisfied.

Conclusion. Aesthetic outcome following the management of nasal tips deformities with combined suture techniques and grafts is more satisfactory than the outcome that can be achieved following suture alone, especially in certain cases.

Keywords:  rhinoplasty, nasal tip, suture techniques, grafts.

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Alshehari A, Popescu SA, Lascar I. Different techniques in tip rhinoplasty. Arch Balk Med Union 2018;53(4): 568-572. DOI 10.31688/ABMU.2018.53.4.13