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Penile fracture with unilateral corporeal rupture – Case report and review of the literature


Introduction. Penile fracture is an urological emergency that implies the rupture of the tunica albuginea and of the corpus cavernosum, with or without urethral injury, secondary to a traumatic event, more often secondary to vigorous sexual intercourse. Despite the fact that clinical examination and patient history are sufficient in most cases for establishing the diagnosis, imaging investigation has an important role in confirming the presence of the tunica albuginea rupture.
Case presentation. We report the case of a 44 years old male patient, who presented to the emergency department for penile swelling and hematoma, 16 hours following a traumatic sexual intercourse. The ultrasound examination revealed a discontinuity at the level of the right tunica albuginea. Surgical exploration with hematoma evacuation, hemostasis, ligation of the right injured central cavernosal artery and suture of the ruptured right corpus cavernosum and of the albuginea tunica were immediately performed. The postoperative evolution was favorable without any immediate complications, the patient being discharged 6 days after the surgery. During the periodic postoperative follow-up the patient related that the erections were similar to those he had before the incident. No signs of penile curvature were found.
Conclusions. Penile trauma with corpus cavernosum rupture is a rare pathology, in which surgical exploration is mandatory in order to prevent debilitating complications that can result secondary to the ischemic and fibrotic local changes.
Keywords: penile trauma, tunica albuginea rupture.

Corresponding author:

Clinic of Urology, University of Medicine and Pharmacy „Carol Davila”, Bucharest

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