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Surgical approach of infected mesh with entero-atmospheric fistula – a case presentation



Introduction. Mesh reinforcement is generally considered the standard of care in hernia repair. Infection is a common complication following hernia repair. Infection of the mesh is a complex problem. Knowledge of new treatment strategies is necessary for surgeons performing abdominal wall reconstruction.

Case presentation. We present the case of a 68-year-old woman, who presented with a non-traumatic entero-atmospheric fistula at the site of the hernia repair, which had been done 2 years previously through the implantation of a dual mesh. The fistula has appeared one year previously. The treatment consisted in a complete removal of the infected mesh and segmentary enterectomy. The abdominal wall was repaired through a tissular procedure and the skin was left to close per secundam. The postoperative outcome was favorable.

Conclusions. Following excision of infected mesh, multi-staged abdominal wall reconstruction can be considered. Biologic or biosynthetic mesh is recommended when repairing incisional hernias following excision of infected mesh and likely represent the patient’s best chance for a definitive hernia repair. Negative pressure wound therapy closure should be considered in higher-risk patients. Mesh infection is a complex complication that is commonly encountered by surgeons performing hernia repair. Prevention through patient optimization should be performed whenever appropriate. However, when patients develop a mesh infection, most of them will require a complete mesh excision and recurrent hernia repair.

Keywords: mesh, infection, abdominal, hernia, repair.

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Mihalache DI, Socea B, Smaranda AC, Nica AA, Carap AC, Bratu OG, Stanescu AMA, Groseanu F, Dimitriu MCT, Constantin VD. Surgical approach of infected mesh with entero-atmospheric fistula - a case presentation. Arch Balk Med Union. 2019;54(3):591-595.