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Two clinical cases of modern postoperative treatment of a 3rd degree skin burn with theresienöl



Introduction. Skin burns are one of the most common traumatic injuries in human society. Most of them are small in area and not life-threatening, due to which people hardly look for specialized medical care for their treatment. This is not the case with large burns, which even of a low grade may result in serious complications and even death. According to the injury depth the burns are divided into 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th degree, while the most frequently used method to define their area relative to the total body surface is that of the nines. The treatment of burns is a difficult and slow process and is directly depending on their depth, area and injuring agent. Surgical and non-surgical method are used, their goal being the following: pain reduction, prevention of infection, removal of avital tissues, preventing the formation of coarse scars, keloids and contractures of the joints or if the  patient has them, they to be as minimal as possible and finally overcoming the consequences.

Cases presentation. We present here two clinical cases of 3rd degree limited burns, initially treated with necrectomy and antiseptic silver dressings, and subsequently alternatively with Тheresienöl.

Conclusions. Тheresienöl is a good alternative to the free skin graft plastics, when it refers to 3rd degree, small size burns.

Keywords: Тheresienöl, skin burn, 3rd degree skin burn.

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Strashilov SA, Yordanov AD, Vasileva PP. Two clinical cases of modern postoperative treatment of a 3rd degree skin burn with Theresienöl. Arch Balk Med Union. 2019;54(3):585-590.