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Women physicians in India and Greece: Success and reciprocal influences from antiquity to the present


This article draws comparisons between the place of women in medicine in India and in Greece, from ancient times to the present. It identifies key figures and textual traditions in the practice of ancient Greek and Indian medicine and shows that although women were excluded and marginalized from the practice of medicine, nevertheless they played a significant, unacknowledged role. The focus of the article then shifts to describe the origins of women’s university training in the nineteenth century and the biographies of some of its earliest graduates. Finally, it analyses the participation of women in the contemporary medical profession.
Keywords: woman doctor, Greece, India, Ayurveda, Countess Dufferin, Kalopothakès, Anandibai Joshi.

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Abid L, Medjahed Y. Women physicians in India and Greece: success and reciprocal influences from antiquity to the present. Arch Balk Med Union. 2022;57(2):197-203.