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Bibliometric analysis of postgraduate thesis written on mental health literacy in Turkey (2012-2023)


The objective of the study was to analyse the postgraduate theses written in Turkey on mental health literacy in line with the criteria determined by the researchers.
Material and methods. The study was built on the case design, which is frequently preferred in qualitative research, and the bibliometric analysis method was used.
Results. It was observed that the theses examined in the study were mostly carried out at the master’s level and were written in Turkish, and the topic of mental health literacy was preferred by female writers.
Conclusions. In recent years, it has been observed that the importance and number of studies on the concept of mental health literacy have increased in both national and international literature. This increase can be attributed to a greater understanding that mental health issues are an integral part of social and individual life.
Keywords: bibliometric analysis, mental health literacy, postgraduate thesis.

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Muzaffer AKDOĞAN
Department of Health Management, Institute of Health Sciences, University of Health Sciences, Istanbul, Turkey


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Akdogan M, Unkur P. Bibliometric analysis of postgraduate thesis written on mental health literacy. Arch Balk Med Union. 2024;59(1):105-111.