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Entrepreneurial intention of final-year pharmacy students in Can Tho, Vietnam


Introduction. Entrepreneurial intention is of great importance in the pharmacy sector and reflects intention to engage in future self-employment. There are many factors related to entrepreneurial intention that have not been studied among pharmacy students in Vietnam.
The objective of the study was to identify the influences of demographic, academic, employment, and family background factors on entrepreneurial intention among final-year pharmacy students.
Material and methods. A cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted in all final-year pharmacy students in Can Tho City, Vietnam, between November 2022 and February 2023.
Results. Of the 508 pharmacy students recruited in the study (response rate 72.3%), the majority of participants expressed a strong desire to start their own businesses (72.3%), start a business within the next five years (68.3%), or become entrepreneurs (63.4%). Students attending private universities (p < 0.001), those who were employed while studying (p = 0.007), those with previous experience in self-employment or entrepreneurship (p < 0.001), and those with self-employed or entrepreneurial parents (p = 0.009) were significantly more likely to express entrepreneurial intention than their counterparts.
Conclusions. Most surveyed pharmacy students expressed a strong desire to undertake entrepreneurial activity. By understanding the factors influencing entrepreneurial intention, educators and policymakers can develop appropriate strategies to nurture and encourage entrepreneurial activities in the pharmaceutical sector.
Keywords: entrepreneurial intention, self-employment, pharmacy student, Vietnam.

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Dao HN, Nguyen MC, Nguyen TH, Nguyen THH, Tran TTP, Dewey RS, Tran VD. Entreprenorial intention of final-year pharmacy students in Can Tho, Vietnam. Arch Balk Med Union. 2024;59(1):44-51.