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Microcirculation changes in the area of restoration of osseous defects of jaws using polymeric fibrous matrix



Introduction. One of the most specific areas in practical dentistry is the use of various biological matrix structures that serve as a backbone for osteogenic cells and a framework for vascular components that provide the gradual formation of a new bone tissue in the area of defect formed by the resultant enucleation.

Objective. To establish the efficiency of using fibrous matrix and polymeric membrane in the process of restoration of defects of the bone structure after the procedure of the enucleation on the lower jaw and to analyze the results with those that were registered when performing bone defects with collagen sponge.

Materials and methods. The study was conducted in the Department of Surgical Dentistry of Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University, Ukraine, during 6 months, between September 10, 2018-March 10, 2019. The selected sample of patients randomly were divided into two groups: 1st group – the study group, which included 24 persons (filling the main bone defect in this group was carried out using the material developed by the authors, of fibrous matrix and polymer membranes); 2nd group – the comparison group, in which 25 people were included (the completion of the main part of the bone defect in this group was carried out using CollaTape Collage Spot (Integra Life Sciences).

Results. The average index of reduction of the geometric radiological defect size in the research group was 89.4±2.5%, while in the comparison group, this indicator was equal to 90.2± 1.6%. The largest reduction in both the research group and the comparison group was noted in the horizontal (87.8-93.6%) and in the diagonal (88.4-91.5%) components of the defect. Six months after the intervention, the index of reduction increased and reached 1.74 (72.50%).

Conclusions. The absence of registered statistical differences between the above described criteria for assessing surgical treatment of patients in both groups suggests that the use of fibrous matrix and polymeric membranes does not provoke significant violations in the process of physiological bone regeneration after the removal of cyst.

Keywords: oral surgery, biopolymer, bioimplant, vascular tissue.

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Andrii V. PANTUS
Department of surgical dentistry of Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University
Address: Fedkovycha str. 91, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, 76018
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Pantus AV, Slyusarenko NY, Kovalchuk NE, Yarmoshuk IR, Kogut VL. Microcirculation changes in the area of restoration of osseous defects of jaws using polymeric fibrous matrix. Arch Balk Med Union. 2019;54(3):473-479.