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Analysis methods of treatment as recurrent factor of basal cell carcionomas


Backround: Basal cell carcinomas are tumors with high incidence in recent years. Locally destructive human body can have profound effects, so choice of therapeutic methods for their removal is very important. The study analyzes the statistical methods of treatment used in the removal epitheliums and their link to the occurrence of relapses.

Methods: The study is observational. It was conducted in the Dermatology Clinic Emergency County Hospital Constanta, between 01.01.2004 – 31.12.2013. The study included a total of 634 patients treated in the clinic who had basal cell epithelium. Indicators taken into account were: tumor removal therapeutic method used and the number of relapses.

Results: More than half of the patients, 347 were treated using electrocautery (54.73%). Another method associated electrocautery with contact-therapy, 98 cases (15.45%). Surgical excision were subjected 91 patients (14.35%). Contact radiotherapy was applied in 80 patients (12.61%). A small percentage, 0.11% were used cytostatic and 1.73% cytostatic with electrocautery.

Conclusions: There were 81 cases that have relapses (12.77%). Electrocautery has resulted in an increased relapse rate (12.1%). Instead, increased effectiveness registers surgical excision; recurrence rate after this method is only 5.49%. In the contact radiotherapy, Chaoul, 14 patients had recurrences (17.7%). Treatment with more relapses is with topical chemotherapy (71.42%), followed by treatment of the associated electrocautery + topical chemotherapy (45.45%).

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